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  • Greenlight Planet is a powerful solar lamp which delivers 36 hours of light (up to 150 lumens) on a day’s charge. With convenient dual USB ports, can charge a phone while simultaneously powering an additional appliance or a second phone. With a 5 year battery life, Sun king Pro 2 is also the world’s longest lasting solar lamp with dual USB charger.

    assures powerful lighting, 3 brightness modes, strong and portable build and intuitive battery life and solar charging displays make it an intelligent companion to have at home and on the go! It is a well equipped to charge your Mobile Phone & used as an Emergency Light as well.

  • This Solar system not only have solar power system function, but also have Utility complementary function. When main power off, the solar system can switch automatically to take use off solar power from battery to run load, When solar power not enough and power off, it can switch automatically to main power and connect with grid electricity take use of main power. At the same time charging battery.

  • With a 10.8 inch Solar Panel it can be used daily to power mobile phones, smartphones, digital cameras, e-book readers, iPad’s, Tablet PC’s, iPod’s, PSP, etc. for day to day use. Evaki Solar Power Pad SPP-01 has been patented for its design. It has been manufactured to withstand heat & fire of strong sunlight, even though having light and slim structure. It has been made keeping in mind to work as main source of power and energy for gadgets and devices and in certain situations can be used 2-3 times a day.

  • solar home lighting system that functions on a lithium-ion battery. The Solar Home Lighting System HLS is a great solution where there is no power and therefore is perfect for rural homes. The system provides backup luminescence of 15 hours running on one bulb and 5 hours when running on all three bulbs. It can be used as an emergency light backup system or on camping site. The Kirloskar’s Solar Home Lighting System (HLS) unit has a built in USB port which can cater the need of charging all the 5V gadgets like smartphones, MP3 players, and tablets

  • Portable solar power system, which converts solar energy into electric energy in the sun then stores in build-in battery, when required it supply power for electrical appliance. This product is suitable for power shortage area and less electricity area, such as forest district, pasture, mountain area, and outdoor activities usage. Fully meet the daily life lighting use, available for Mobile, MP3 etc. charging, as well as the DC12V fan power supply.




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