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  • Ideal for running from a dish/LNB to all Sky Plus/HD boxes or Freesat boxes. Once the cable is run, simply terminate it with 'F connectors', also available in our shop. As this cable is pure copper, it is suitable for long distance runs as the signal quality/strength will be maintained.

  • Son flat eight relatively coarse way the power cord, the quality is OK
    Plug pole piece using nickel plated copper, with positioning hole. Eight insert using high elastic phosphor copper insert, can keep elasticity, even if many times pull plug contact closely. Wire core with 2 * 0.75 square millimeter of pure copper wire, over-current ability is good.
    Suitable for stereo, chargers, digital products, LCD TV, monitors, used in high-end products such as photographic equipment.

  • All our products have been carefully selected and they are same as the picture which you see on our store. We already let the product color tend to the true as far as possible, however because of the monitor color error there more or less has a little bit of different. But definitely the product shape is the same as the picture.
    With excellent electrical insulation properties, chemical stability, excellent resistance to high voltage, aging resistance, long service life, easy installation.

  • The new DVR is designed to work in multiple rooms, so you will be able to stop a show while in one room and then resume watching it in another room. The Hopper DVR has three tuners. The main unit plays the role of server with its 750 MHz processor, while two extender units known as ‘Joeys’ will be streaming recorded content to other sets within the home.




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